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HN ECO Construction

About us


HN ECO CONSTRUCTION, a company specialized in eco-construction and renewable energy, based in Koh Samui.



With more than 10 years experience in this fields, we offer our services for :


Eco-construction = autonomous villas, bungalows, condominiums …


Eco-renovation = electricity, plumbing, roof, swimming pool, ventilation, home-staging, garden arrangement …


Renewable energy = solar panel, anti power cut kit, solar pump, energy diagnostic, consumption optimization, air-conditionner cleaning …


Projects realization = 3D /4D plans, virtual reality …



For that, we work with our own professional network (lawyers, architects, bankers …).


Our philisophy : eco-responsibility, quality of projects and proximity.




First of all, Solar City is a building project combining standing and ecology.

It includes 7 plots with private access road ; each one having a breath taking view.


Each house have :

∴   Terrasse with private pool                       ∴    Jardin

∴   Private car park                                          ∴    Amazing sea view

∴   100% autonomous in electricity and water !


Solar City is also an idyllic setting : quiet, surrounded by lush vegetation, with mind-blowing 180 degrees sea view on Chaweng to Plai Leam bay by day and by night.

Day time, you will enjoy boats back and forth in Plai Laem bay, temple gilts and neighbouring islands bathed in clear turquoise water. By night, you will be captivated by city shining fairy, Chaweng lack and aerial ballet of planes (without noise pollution).



Solar City is also a perfect posisiton. Located in the north est of the island, in the gold triangle”, you will benefit from all utilities nearby. Unless 2 km from the most beautiful beaches, supermarketsn international schools, hospitals, and 10 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from Chaweng town center.













Solar Energy

Solar energy, a clean and sustainable energy.

Solar energy is inexhaustible and available, unlike fossil fuel.

Solar energy is free : sun don’t send bills !

In Thailand, sunshine and luminosity are perfect. For example, in Europe solar radiation is calculated in Watt/Houre. In Thailand, this one is calculated in KiloWatt/Houre.

That’s why, solar system is much more profitable, amortized quickly and whose investment cost is clearly lower than in Europe.


Solar energy, environment for the future. 

Solar energy is respectful of the environment : no greenhouse gas emission, because no combustion.

Take part also in ecological improvement of our power generation.

Invest in solar contribute to respect future generationshealth.


Solar energy, a sure and profitable investment.

Depreciation period reduced nearly by a third compared to Europe.

Reliability and durability of technology (1st panel from 1970 still working).

25 years warranty production.


For few years, photovoltaic technology has progressed a lot. Profit per square meter is more important than before.


For sale exceptional lands with sea view. Furnished with water and access road.

A Chanote  700  6 000 000 AVAILABLE
B Chanote  –  – SOLD
C Chanote  –  – SOLD
D Chanote  480  2 800 000 AVAILABLE
E Chanote  480  2 800 000 SOLD
F Chanote  480  2 800 000 SOLD
G Chanote  430  2 800 000 SOLD
H Chanote  430  2 800 000 SOLD
* Prices are based on the value of the currency 

Chanote : This type of title grants the holder of this document full rights over the land, to deal with or to use it to the exclusion of others. It is registred at the Land Office and transfer is immediate. Title contains land description, size, limits determind by satellite images. Land is measured on site by GPS and bounded by numbered marking. This type of title deed is the best and most credible title deed to hold.

Nor Sor 3 ( saam ) Gor : title deeds registered and issued by the Land Department and show who has the right to possess the land and use the benefit of the land as a private owner. The name showing on the land title deed is the person who has the right to the land and has the legal right to possess the land. This right is recognized by law and can be used as evidence in any dispute with an ordinary person or the government. This type of land can be upgraded to a full ownership title deed, the ‘chanote’.

Sor Kor 1 ( Nung ) : establishes a claim on the land by not actual ownership. The certificate gives the land occupier the right to continue occupying the land.

To know


About Thailand

With more than 30 millions tourists in 2015, Thailand is one of the countries wich have the most important economic and touristic growth rate. Inflation, more than 15 per cent per year, makes real estate market very profitable. That’s why, more and more investors, already a lot of them, bet on this country.

About Koh Samui

Koh Samui, the third biggest Thai island, has retained its authenticity despite its touristic success. As a point of interest, it’s the « heart king island ». That’s why, it get some privileges (tourism, expatriation, investment). Welcoming, gorgeous beaches and mountain jungles make it a wonderful life-place but also an ideal investiment. Indeed, profitability of a real estate property is just exceptional because of the flow of tourists  almost constant all year. In this way, housing demand is more important than the offer at the moment. There are still great deal to do !


Infrastuctures are modern : asphalt roads, electricty, running water, internet by fober otpical … However, the government, established rules, specifically for Koh Samui, about construction in order to protect natural and beauty of the island (it won’t become urbanized like its big sister Phuket).


About Chaweng

Chaweng it is stretchs of dream beaches, souvenir shops, a shopping mall, local markets, stadium, a lot of activities for all ages, a multitude of restaurants, hectic night life … In brief, it’s the unvoidable metting place of tourists.


What making it a most popular place, either for a rental investisment or for your dream house, at affordable prices.

To become owner in Thailand

As a foreigner, now you can own a land in Thailand, in legality and securely booked to thai government cadastre service (Land Office).

In brief, you have 3 possibilities :

– To set up a thai company (most widespread practice)

– To sign a rental contract for 30 years (potentially extendable)

– To take a trustworthy thai people associate

We can support you through administratives procedures, in association with our law office.